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Roy’s Story

Roy’s Story


Each of us has moments that shape our lives. Mine came in grade school.

Mom was a Domestic worker. Dad worked Construction. These were new trades for them because prior to that we all worked the agricultural fields of Central California. After mom cleaned houses, I would examine the magazines stacked neatly around our house which she brought home from the house and family where she cleaned daily. Exploring new worlds through those colored magazine pages was exciting. By the time I entered school I was already reading. Dad and Mom made sure a strong work ethic matched my passion for exploring and learning.

But back in the day, schools were segregated in my California town. It was in grade school where the “school tracking” began when I was turned away from the top reading group because I was “tracked” for lower achievement by the school SYSTEM…despite my abilities. I vowed then that I would work to ensure that no other child would ever be denied a quality of opportunity for a public education. Learning and Teaching became my goal, and serving others became my lifelong passion and mission. For me it became a Ministry of Public Service.

I previously served on the Sacramento County Board of Education before being elected to the Sacramento City School Board where I spent two terms. My colleagues elected me as President of both Boards several times. I also served as President of the Third District PTA Council and on the State PTA Board of Directors.

While public education continues to struggle with innovation…WE KNOW there is still much to do. I would be honored to have your vote to continue working with students, parents, staff and all stakeholders to strengthen public education for ALL linked through neighborhoods and schools of choice.